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Friday, May 17

We slabbed it back to London and met the tour group at the Posthouse for the getting-to-know-you dinner. No photos today.

Saturday, May 18

Left the Posthouse, and took the motorway up to Cambridge. Walked about Cambridge, got lunch in a pub, and then finished the trip up to Peterboro. Found the block that the Bull Hotel was on but couldn't find the car park. Eventually, after asking directions (and picking up Marcia, who had been searching for it for hours), found the exit of the car park and cheated by going in the exit. Walked about in Peterboro before dinner and met a local couple in the local supermarked car park. Simone was very outgoing and demanded our email address(es) so I guess we have a pen-pal now. Dave, while more reserved, warmed up OK and we chatted a bit before having to go our separate ways. Kate and I found a promising Jamaican restaurant, to which we returned with Bruce, Brenda, Marcia, and Dottie and John.

Street musician, Cambridge
entrance to Kings College, Cambridge
our new friends from Peterborough, Dave and Simone
Door in Peterborough