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Tuesday, May 14

Weather was mostly clear and sunny except for a shower in the morning as we walked back from town after our search for an internet cafe.

Visited the Sammy Miller museum. Sammy was running about in a blue smock doing odd jobs, we chatted with him briefly on two occasions. The museum is very well done, and has some very interesting bikes in it.

We had lunch in the "tea shop" on the museum grounds, and then rode on to Salisbury where we found a B&B (again, using the tourist information center booking service) and then walked into town for dinner.

Sammy Miller Museum Brochure
1905 Norton
1898 motorcycle
1918 Arno
1923 Ner-a-car
1930 Excelsior
1948 Redrup Radial
1953 Norton 350cc kneeler
1955 NSU racer
1957 Mondial racer
Honda 250cc 6cyl racer
Honda CR110 50cc racer
Norton Commander (rotary engine)
Villiers 2stroke 4cyl prototype, Scott 2-stroke triple
wooden full-size Royal Enfield