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Sunday, May 04

Woke to more or less sunny skies. Continental breakfast in the lobby of the Best Western Inn. Met my buddy Au who rode up from Santa Clara, and he joined (most) of the tour group for a ride to Mt. Tamalpais. Mt Tam was mostly in cloud cover but it broke up a little as we stood at the peak and we could make out features of San Francisco below us.

Then we rode to Infineon Raceway, hoping to see some racing this time. Again, Frank talked his way past the guards so we could park in the pit area. And soo-prize, soo-prize (as Gomer Pyle would say), they were actually racing.

Au and I wandered around a bit and checked out the vendors in the infield, and then Au took a demo ride on the Aprilia Futura, while I sat with Kate and John in the grandstands and actually watched some racing.

After the race, we saddled up, headed back to the Best Western to get our saddlebags, and then followed Au home to Santa Clara where we would spend Sunday night, so as to spend some time with Au and Mary and also so we'd be an hour closer to LA when we left on Monday morning.

The group assembled at the top of Mt Tamalpais -- Pete, Cathy, Au, Bill, Kate, John.
Mat Mladin (Suzuki 1000), the eventual race winner, wheeliing at exit of turn 1 in Superbike race
Jason Pridmore (Suzuki 1000) in turn 1, Superbike race
Chris Voelkef (Ducati 1000) in turn 1, Superbike race
Jeff Williams (Suzuki 1000) in turn 1, Superbike race
track panorama
hot pit row
umbrella girls preparing to do their thing