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Saturday, May 03

Woke to overcast skies. Continental breakfast in the lobby of the Best Western Inn. Rode to Infineon (a.k.a. Sears Point) Raceway.

Frank managed to talk is way past a guard and we were able to get to our parking near the AMA trucks in the pit area. Then we got a tour of the AMA trucks and garage from the head of the AMA racing program.

After that, we were introduced to Freddy Spencer, who gave us a short talk about the Honda racing effort, and answered our questions and even gave out some autographs.

Finally, we got a tour of the Honda factory trucks.

Then we split up and wandered about the pit area. Even though it wasn't actually raining, the track was wet and so there was no racing. I did a demo ride of one of the new Buells. Very nice, they finally got rid of that huge airbox that interferes with your right knee, and the exhaust pipe that wants to burn your right shin. Bike goes and handles well, too.

Our group getting a dog and pony show at the Honda factory team trucks
Freddie Spencer entertains under the Big Red tent
Suzuki race bike in the pit area
Dodge Tomahawk