old building across the street from our lunch stop in Vt on Thursday (the building is there other days, too, I suppose).
Liz prepared to navigate from the "magic bus" on our rainy Saturday
view from the edge of the parking lot at Ruggles Mine, New Hampster
Kate walking around the Ruggles Mine.
Another view of Ruggles Mine.
Spokeswomen and civilians at Ruggles Mine.
Closed off portion of Ruggles Mine.
Spokeswomen, including Judy and Tam, hoping to find something besides mica in the Ruggles Mine tailings area.
Spokeswomen Judy, Tam, and Laura playing in the gravel.
outcropping of mica, Ruggles Mine.
$16 bit of mica, with "certificate of authenticity" that I'm a sucker.