Fossil Fred's Normaha
Fossil Fred's Normaha rear suspension detail
Fossil Fred's Normaha front detail
1975 Honda CB550F Super Sport
Fossil Joe G and his CB900F
Fossil Rick admiring Pitcairn Mail Plane motor
Pitcairn auto-gyro flying
Pitcairn auto-gyro taxi-ing
Steve Pitcairn, host of the event and pilot of the auto-gyro
Indian Rig
ultralight taxi-ing
alloy bodied Cheetah
alloy bodied Cheetah hood detail
alloy bodied Cheetah engine detail
alloy bodied Cheetah interior
alloy bodied Cheetah rear
alloy bodied Cheetah side, with Joe G to the right
Three-sticks with trick alloy scooter next to race car
part of model train set
part of model train set
William with Ferrari (?)
Avanti (I know, I shot this same car last year. So sue me.)
"White Special"
"White Special" gauge detail
Pitcairn auto-gyro resting
Pitcairn mail plane
Bill with his recently acquired CB550F Super Sport
1940 Ariel square four rig
Fossil Rick with his Norton Commando
Fossil Fred with his Normaha Commando
ultralight taxi-ing
Fossil Jim with his Norton Commando
Ed Dunham with his Triumph (for sale!)
Norton Dunstall DomiRacer 750 (Atlas)
Steve Pitcairn back up his 1940 John Deere
some bloke with his 1956 Cushman
Three-sticks getting a ride on the Cushman
ultralight taxi-ing