Kate and Bill's trip to Grand Canyon of PA, Labor Day Weekend, 2005

On Sept 3, Kate and I rode our Honda CBR's up to the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania", or Pine Creek Gorge. It's about 250 miles from Jackson, and the bikes got a very nice 55 miles per gallon on this nice expensive gas we can get now. Kate had made reservations for us at the Coach Stop Inn which is about a mile from the entrance to the State Park at the west rim of the canyon. The Inn was originally built around 1832 and is a very nice place to stay, with an excellent restaurant.

Sunday, we got up and rode over to the Pine Creek Outfitters and rented a pair of mountain bicycles. We were given a ride 19 miles south and dropped at the other end of Pine Creek Gorge at an entrance to the bike path, and we proceeded to bicycle our way up the rail-trail that runs through the Gorge.

After the ride, and an ice cream stop, we returned the bicycles and rode the CBR's up to the state park on the west rim, and did a short hike along the ridge trail that runs along the edge of the west rim.

Most people seem to go to the state park on the east rim of the gorge, but we found the west rim side to be much nicer, probably because it wasn't as crowded. But the east rim park does have a real visitors' center including a movie about the history of the gorge.

Back to the motel for a swim in the (somewhat heated) pool, dinner in the restaurant, and I'd call that a full day.

Monday morning, pack up, dry the seat, don the rain suit to keep the cold and mist out, and head out. It was misty both mornings we were there but it would burn off by about 9 or 10 AM. I caught a picture of the mist as it disappeared (see below). Later, at some teeny-tiny town in PA, I passed this ancient car dealtership sign and couldn't resist a picture.

The Pine Creek Gorge
Another shot into the Gorge
Bill with Smokey the Bear at entrance to West Rim park
view from the bike path at the bottom of the canyon
Kate on the bike path at the bottom of the canyon
A private suspension bridge over the river in the gorge.
Bill viewing eagles
eagle in flight over Pine Creek Gorge
eagle in flight over Pine Creek Gorge
view into the gorge with binoculars
Panoramic view of the Gorge at sundown, from the Western side
the early morning mist burning away as we head out Monday morning
on the way home; Bill's CBR resting in front of an ancient Kaiser-Frazer dealership