The AMA Maritimes Tour Awards

Also Known as The Cheesies!
To be Consumed Only With Nova Scotia-Style Pizza

Frank Coco the Clown award. Any circus would hire him, as they would not have to have specially made shoes!
Lowell & Marilyn Chief Moose Spotter! When Moose see his big green Voyager, they think it is family. Or do they think Lowell's hat is a set of antlers?
John & Susan The No Problem award! They get off the bike. It falls over. No problem.
Ron & Vicki Did they really see a bear or was it barely a bear? Or could it have been a bear behind?
Gene & Marty The Lightweight Travellers Award. Whoever heard of a hat having a trunk to itself?
Mark The Ancient Mariners Award. He will be ancient before he willingly becomes a mariner.
Bill or William With the haircut--The on-off switch award. His bike does not need a throttle--it is either on or off!
John S. The Guiness Award. How can a man who has never tasted the real thing get so much pleasure out of an imitation?
Kate The Keyboard Award. When she isn't writing, she is reading. She'll never make a journalist--bars are where journalists work.
Bill D. The Pretty Bike Award. It is about time he grew into a big & ugly bike---like the rest of us. It comes with the short hair cut!
Richard & Patrice The What Did You Say Your Name Was? Award. One lives in Kansas and the other in Georgia. Come on, they met on the boat when Patrice fell for Richard's Harley.
John N. The Pampered Rider Award. A back rest, drinks holder, and of all things, a windscreen wiper! Real motorcyclists look over the top of the screen!
Tim The Burger King Award. Need I say more?
Dave & Barbara The Foreign Language Award. Not for their English but for their rhyming slang lessons. After a day's riding, their Barnet needed combing and their boat race was red...
Dave T. The High Flyer Award. After seeing St. John's many times from 30,000 feet, he has finally seen it with his feet on the ground!
Don The Otto Preminger Award. Stand still and you are on film. Move and you are on film. Place your orders for "The Sun Always Shines in the Maritimes" now!