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Tuesday, May 28

Kate wanted to ride around the Ring of Kerry, so off we went at about 9AM. Weather was quite reasonable (by Irish standards) for the first 20 miles, and then all hell broke loose. High winds, driving rain, which haunted us for the next two hours, until our lunch break at a pub somewhere on the N22. Another one of those where we leave wet seats and a large puddle on the floor.

The Ring ride itself was quite nice, at least the parts of it that I saw before the weather went south and I had to focus all my attention on not getting blown off the road and into the Atlantic Ocean.

After lunch, the weather cleared a little, and then the rest of the 100 miles to Waterford were on and off rain, mostly on. We were thankful that the wind was not as strong, so we made decent time on the fast bits.

We arrived, quite waterlogged, at the hotel in Waterford about 5PM, after only a little detour trying to find the hotel. Tried to find enough places to hang wet stuff in the hotel room, showered, and had dinner with the gang as usual at 7:30PM.

Where sneems go to die.
Barbara at dinner in Waterford
Dave at dinner in Waterford
Nor and Ron at dinner in Waterford
(most) everybody at dinner in Waterford