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Sunday, May 26

I awoke depressed and out of sorts due to the incessant rain. After breakfast, we read the Sunday paper, and then I napped until noon. Finally felt up to doing something and we walked into town and had lunch at a sandwich shop attached to the local cinema.

Eventually I felt more ambitious and about 2PM we left to ride out to Dingle. Though we saw intermittant rain the ride was actually quite pleasant. Dingle was experiencing sunshine when we got there and we lingered long enough to visit the loo and buy a postcard to send to a friend of Kate's. Rain set in on our way out of town through the spectacular Connor Pass.

The ride home was mostly OK except it got quite cold for the last 20 miles or so, so my hands got cold again, though not as cold as on Saturday.

Met half the tour group for dinner at the place next door, and then Kate and I walked up to the cinema and took in the 8:30PM showing of the new Star Wars movie. (not, thank heaven, dubbed into Gaelic).

A derelict boat in Dingle Harbour