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Tuesday, April 29

Our "free day" in Eureka. Rained on and off from the moment we awaked until about 3PM. We heard that Route 101 was closed down below Garberville due to a rock slide because of the heavy rains. If 101 didn't re-open this would put a crimp in the tour because 101 south was the only "good" way out of Eureka.

John and I suited up and rode to the motorcycle shops on the south side of town, I bought a rain suit jacket and John bought a neck warmer. Picked up lunch to go at "Hole in the Wall", recommended by Kate at the Suzuki shop where we bought out new gear. Returned to the hotel in Eureka, ate our lunch in the lobby. Unbidden, the hotel staff supplied glasses, plates, napkins when they saw us with our sandwiches. Meanwhile, Kate walked about downtown Eureka, visited the museum, some shops. The Carson Mansion dollhouse is in the Eureka Historical Museum, not too far from the real thing.

John and I "Scotch-guarded" our gear. By that time we finished that (about 3PM), the sky had cleared up and the three of us went for a walk in Eureka. Met a nice woman who recommended that we dine at the Waterfront Cafe on the end of F street by the harbour. Stopped in the army navy store looking for glove liners, poked around a bit but didn't find anything useful. Stopped in the local plush-carpet hi-fi store because it had a Klipsch sign out front. Talked a while with the guys at the hi-fi store about Klipsch, and about Paul Klipsch, who only died recently, at about 100 years of age.

Walked back to the Eureka, then after putting a second coat of "Scotch-guard" on the gear, walked to dinner at the Waterfront Cafe. Afterwards, got back to the Carter Hotel in time for cookies in the lobby. I had too many cookies.

Carson Mansion
Dollhouse model of Carson Mansion
Carson House a.k.a. Pink Lady
Watermain coverplate in Eureka