On September 11 we got out for a little ride on the dual sport bikes in Lebanon State Forest (sorry, I can't bring myself to call it "Brendan Byrne State Forest"). We trailered down there since the little dual sport bikes aren't good for much over 50 miles an hour.
We'd previously printed a topo map (from topozone.com of the State Forest since the little free map they hand out at the ranger station is nearly worthless. We decided to explore more of the eastern side of the Forest, near the old town of Pasadena. This was where Kate learned to ride the "whoops" in the sandy trails.
Tiring of that, Kate suggested we ride over to the cranberry bogs in the northeast section, which we had explored on our last visit. These pictures are from the cranberry bog area.
wetland forest
the only thing like a roadsign for miles around
kate on bridge over a creek
view of wetland from bridge
cranberry bog
Kate and more wetlands
There are miles of single lane and two lane dirt roads running through Lebanon Forest. You can ride on any of them provided you have a "street legal" vehicle. All the two lane dirt roads are easily passible by a car or street bike. The single lane dirt roads are sometimes passible by car, but still passable by most street bikes (depending on how adventurous you are, and how little you mind getting dust on your bike.)
Kate rides a Honda XL200R, I have a Kawasaki KLR 250, both street legal, registered, and insured. (Well, except for the full-on knobbies on my KLR. They probably wouldn't get through a "real" inspection station.) Kate's XL200R has "dual sport" tires, which are, frankly, not as good in the soft sand as real knobbies would be. Fortunately, there's not much soft sand on Lebanon's roads.