William Dudley's procmail spam filter

I get a mess 'o spam. I hate spam. Hence, this.

A perlscript that builds a .procmailrc to filter spam into special directories for later examination, in case something useful got mis-identified.

A template file for the .procmailrc - called "rc".

A series of "content" files with the actual rules for recognizing a particular kind of spam

A file "friends" that contains rules for keeping emails from friends, relatives, mailing lists, etc regardless of any "spam-like" content. For "corporate" use, there is a mechanism for getting a list of co-workers from a mysql server so that your co-workers can be automatically added to the "friends" list. By using the company database, you don't have to modify the "friends" list manually as people are hired and fired.

A little shell script, "seewho" to display the latest captured spam. Use this to make sure you don't kill the brownie recipe from your Aunt Ida-May that she sent from her yahoo account.

Another little perl program, "ftcPspam" that sends all the spam captured by the filter to "uce@ftc.gov". Fat load of good that does, eh? At least it also deletes the spam files after it mails them to the FTC. NEW! see below for spamcop.net enhancement to ftcPspam script.

This spam filter captures about 95% of the spam that is sent to me. Every time one gets through, I add bits of it's "dna" to this filter.

A simple makefile to build the .procmailrc

Here's the tar ball.. If you haven't done so, install procmail. Then unpack the tarball, fiddle the constants for the SQL server access at the top of buildprc.pl if necessary, add friends to "friends" file, edit the "me" file, and type make. Copy .procmailrc file to your home directory. Edit the constants representing your name and email address at the top of ftcPspam if you plan to use it.

Files containing the rule sets:

Possibly objectionable features:

If you're a procmail weenie, some of the rc file may look familiar, I've cribbed lots of it from Timo Salmi's excellent procmail tips web site.

Go to spamcop.net and register your email address, then down load the "reporter.pl" script they supply. Customize it with your personal spamcop.net address and then uncomment the lines in my ftcPspam script, and it will also send spams to spamcop.net. They'll complain to the offending open relays etc. for you!

Web site last updated Mar 05, 2002.

This page copyright 2002, William F. Dudley. The code, however, is public domain.