William Dudley's GUI wrapper for penggy

Back in late 2003, I needed to set up a Linux box so a normal civilian could connect to AOL using dial up. Research revealed that you needed penggy or similar to connect using AOL's unique methods. But I didn't want this user having to use sudo or similar - they needed a point and grunt interface.

Some hours of hacking later, I have this - a series of c programs that make suid wrappers, plus a perl-Tk script to make the GUI. The GUI allows connecting and disconnecting from AOL, plus editing the AOL config files to change the phone number that one connects to or the login and password.

Here's the tar ball. If you haven't done so, install perl-Tk and penggy. Then unpack the tarball, fiddle the constants in the scripts as described in INSTALL, and then you should be able to use INSTALL to copy the various bits to their final locations.

Web site last updated June 29, 2005.

This page copyright 2005, William F. Dudley. The code, however, is GPL.