Eigerstein Additions

I've now got two additions to the EigerStein project.

EigerStein DMZ v1.1 Proxy ARP installation

This attempts to document my working EigerStein Static IP/Proxy ARP installation.

EigerStein pcmcia support for kernel 2.2.16

I've built a modules.lrp that replaces the "stock" EigerStein modules.lrp and supplies pcmcia network card support. The version supplied here has drivers for the 3com 3c589, Xircom IIPS, and NE2000 clones included. BUT WAIT There's more! Also available here is a gzip'd tar file of many of the executables and modules from my build of pcmcia-cs-3.1.20 on a RedHat 5.2 system. This means all the executables from the cardmgr directory, and the modules from the modules and clients directories.

Also gzip'd tar of just 3c575_cb.o and cb_enabler.o which were missing from pcm_modules.tar.gz. Download this if you got the pcm_modules.tar.gz file and it was missing these two files.

I have updated pcm_modules.tar.gz to have these files now. Thanks to Charles Hucks for pointing this out.

I have added a pcmcia_wireless.tar.gz for the wireless ones that I hadn't compiled previously. Thanks to Peter Stokes for pointing out the omission.

Updated July 12, 2001.